A LONG-ASS time ago, when I was first getting serious about trying to be a filmmaker, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go out and shoot one of my first screenplays - THE FOOTAGE. It's about three misfit friends who set out to make a fake bigfoot sighting film to win some prize money from a tabloid. But as luck would have it, they run afoul of a real Sasquatch in the process. Chaos ensues.

With no training and even less experience, me and a group of fellow novices made this movie on a zero budget, using only available light, and with a very small number of shooting days. The result is, well F'ING ROUGH (a few of the shots are actually in focus). Technical and professional shortcomings aside, these jokes still make me laugh. All these years later I'm finally secure enough with its many failings to share it with the world, for what it's worth.

Through the process of making this, I learned a lot about screenwriting, how to use Final Cut Pro, how to animate, and how to direct actors. I also learned the horrors of capturing audio betwixt airplanes, bus air brakes, construction jackhammers, and there unknowingly being a stone grinding business on the other side of the tree line from your main location. Yikes.


-Justin Staggs
Writer / Director