When we started this project we had to decide what to name the podcast. Seems like a simple task, unless you are like me and want to over complicate everything. Justin Staggs is super creative and always has a funny take on stuff like this and sure enough he had wanted to do a movie podcast for a while, so he already had some name ideas brewing.

We all met up to discuss the project at a coffee shop and before I even took the first sip of my spicy vanilla latte, Justin Pierre threw out the name "Cinema Junkshow" and we all really liked it. It embodied the the general approach we were taking on this project, in that we were doing this in our spare time, for fun and it wouldn't be very organized at first. 

Eventually we flipped the words around and Junkshow Cinema became our working title, but just to make sure we wasted a bunch of time (and had a few laughs along the way) we did a massive brainstorming session with our friends Justin Braem & Nick Korokidas, amassing over 200 names. Here are just a few of names we liked that didn't make the cut. If you are starting your own podcast, the names listed below are up for grabs! Enjoy!

A small section of 248 names we came up with. Also, some film sculptures made of old junk.

A small section of 248 names we came up with. Also, some film sculptures made of old junk.


Movie Vomit

Two tweens talkin talkies 

Yuck. The usher farted.

Why your black & white movie about a clown sucks.


Overheard at the cinema urinal

Threw a rock, hit a podcaster 

The Synopsis Sisters


It’s about to get reel

This Just In, that Justin

3 men & little movies

Reel Talk

Film Projectors

Force Majure - Act of Pod

3 Many Cooks

Pablo Podcasto

The Human Centipod

You pod me at hello

Realer than reel


Frankly, my Deer

Houston, we have a podcast

The Ghost of Samuel Peckinpod

Podricia Arquette & Podrick Swayze funtime hour featuring: Poddy Hearst 


Hot Set

The Alan Smithee Podcast

Axis Of Inaction

The Fake Shemp Podcast

The Golden Take

Dutch Angle Whip Pan

The Second Unit

Shooting Ratio

The Swing Gang

Deep Focus

Magic Hour

Freeze Frame

Movie POV

...and action!


The Cinema Oddcast


Screen Glow

The Lights Camera Faction

The Burning Balcony

Cine Talk

Film Word


Flim Flam Film Farm

By them, for us


Notes from the Darkness

The Oddience

After the Credits

The Flick Clique

Cine! Cine! Cine!

Saw it!

So, what did you think?

Screen Talkers