Why you should immediately binge watch TWIN PEAKS and get stoked for the 2016 comeback on Showtime

by Justin Pierre

In 1990, David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS was kind of a big deal. A chilling murder mystery, bat-shit awesome characters, and a cornucopia of bizarre supernatural and surrealistic flourishes brought David Lynch's unique, underground brand of "art film" to primetime / mainstream America. Everybody was wondering "Who Killed Laura Palmer?"  Bob is fucking scary. Agent Cooper is fucking cool. Audrey Horne is fucking HOT. And actor Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) is a force of nature with the voice of an angel.

Do yourself and favor and get stoked for Showtime's 2016 re-up of the series with a THIRD SEASON all these years later, and with most of the original cast returning. Seasons 1 & 2 are currently on Netflix streaming, so call in sick to work and watch them all back-to-back while guzzling black coffee and scarfing down pie. Then check out Lynch's 1992 follow-up movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" to get the R-rated version of the Twin Peaks Universe -- closer in tone to what we can probably expect from the upcoming Showtime re-up (boobs, f-words, demons).

Step into the Black Lodge. There's a little man there waiting to do a dance for you.